Coronation Instructions

Coronation Instructions

Christians will bow down to no one but Ya, the Living One, following the example of the Son of God (Matthew 4:10 Holy Aramaic Scriptures)

ܗܝܕܝܢ ܐܡܪ ܠܗ ܝܫܘܥ ܙܠ ܠܟ ܣܛܢܐ ܟܬܝܒ ܓܝܪ ܕܠܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܟ ܬܣܓܘܕ ܘܠܗ ܒܠܚܘܕܘܗܝ ܬܦܠܘܚ
Matthew 4:10 Then Y’shu said unto him, “Go, satana! For, it is written: ‘You shall thesgud {worship, lit. bow down to} MarYa Alahak {The Lord-Ya, your God} and Him alone shall you serve!’ ”

Please respect my Christian beliefs and never bow down to me.

Also, at my coronation, I will not be anointed as I am already anointed and appointed by God. I already have the Holy Spirit. Nothing spiritual shall be said except for perhaps The Lord’s Prayer and a blessing on this arrangement. It should be obvious by now to all that not only am I rightful heiress to the throne, I have an impeccable pedigree that is unassailable. I will however, wait for Queen Elizabeth to step down due to her service to the people.

During my coronation I will be mostly seated due to my health. I also would like to bow my head during God Save The Queen because this is a request to God. I will say my own silent Amen at the end of the song. In the name of Y’shu, amen.

My beliefs are not heretic, they are actual Christian beliefs practiced by first century Christians and I can provide evidence. This is a doctrinal update from God for the Church.

Thank you.

Et ipsa regina