Who is this Philistine dog who has enslaved Israel. You are coming to me with 8 billion people and 60 million demons, nuclear weapons and the name jehovah/yahweh/jesus that you ingeniously contrived, O Satana, but I come to you with the name of Jjahwah, Jja the Living One. And today like my Brother David, I have cut off the head of jehovah/yahweh/jesus and here is proof of it in my room. You are less than nothing O Satana in comparison to the infinite power of my God, JJahwah, jJa the Living One.

What’s the matter O Satana? Cat got your tongue?

Now I am going for a cup of tea and a cigarette. But first I am going to brush my hair and put on my cute slippers so I look nice on the camera. It was fun 🙂 Thank you my brother, beloved David, nice shot by the way 🙂 Your heart that God gave me did this.

~Tiffany Deborah McTaggart.