To the World

Hello everyone,

This is what I would like to say at my coronation, however, it is so emotional for me, I doubt it would be possible.

I am here today for a reason. I believe
in Salvation and I want to clear God’s
Holy Name because He has been
so grossly misrepresented.

Whenever I ask God what to say to
someone or to the world, the answer
is always the same.

Tell them I love them.

The message is now delivered, although
it was delivered absolutely by the Lord,
Y’shu, the Anointed One.

ܗܟܢܐ ܓܝܪ ܐܚܒ ܐܠܗܐ ܠܥܠܡܐ ܐܝܟܢܐ ܕܠܒܪܗ ܝܚܝܕܝܐ ܢܬܠ ܕܟܠ ܡܢ ܕܡܗܝܡܢ ܒܗ ܠܐ ܢܐܒܕ ܐܠܐ ܢܗܘܘܢ ܠܗ ܚܝܐ ܕܠܥܠܡ
16 For, Alaha {God} has thus so loved the alma {the world}, in such a way that He would give His Only Begotten, that whoever might believe in Him, would not be lost, but rather, may have for them lives which are eternal.

The only way to be reconciled to God and have a relationship with Him is by means of the ransom sacrifice of Y’shu the Anointed One.

This is because the only thing that cleanses sin completely is the shed blood of Y’shu.

If you would like to learn more
there is a link on my website.

Thank you,
God bless you.

Praise Ya, the Living One.

There is no other God.

Personal note.

Never bow down to anyone but Ya.
I am just a woman, your Sister, do not bow down to me at any time or for any reason.
Y’shu said to bow down to no one but Ya.
see Matthew 4:10 The Holy Aramaic Scriptures.

Try to see the love in people.

My condolences to Tobymac.

God knows what it is like to lose a son, and so do I. Your son will live again, only have faith. He is alive in God’s perfect and limitless memory, although he is not self aware.

This is how God keeps people alive and
why He can bring them back to life.

Warm Christian love,